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Catania Salon Professional and Cosmeceuticals

Gugo Bark Shampoo + Body Bar 120g

Gugo Bark Shampoo + Body Bar 120g

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Catania Salon Professional Haircare GUGO BARK SHAMPOO + BODY BAR 


Deep Cleansing and Conditioning – deeply cleanses hair and scalp from build up and natural occurring oils leaving hair clean, shiny and soft without oil and grease residue. 

Hair growth/help thinning hair – the bark helps promote blood circulation to increase hair growth and thickness of exisiting and new hair strands. 

Natural Anti-dandruff-and intensive moisturising factor for dry and chemically treated hair Gugo Bark contains natural saponin (a natural surfactant) which deeply cleanses, is safe to use on sensitive skin and will help reduce symptoms of irritation.

Anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial – used as a herbal remedy for inflammation, the bark extract is used to treat sensitive and inflamed skin, including scalp, enabling better hair condition for growth.

The extract was also used to clean wounds and infected areas as an anti-bacterial in ancient Filipino medicine and is safe to use on body as well as scalp and hair.

Made with natural Aloe Vera and Virgin Coconut Oil as a chemical free natural soap base.  



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