Silicones & "Synthetic Shine"

Silicones & "Synthetic Shine"

At home hair health is important to maintain your salon services. Products containing Silicones coat hair strands, rather than penetrating and restoring health from the inside out - creating a "synthetic shine

This build-up from silicones prevents the scalp from naturally killing off dead skin cells and expelling toxins. It can also cause an increase in sensitivity and breakouts on the scalp. Continued use of silicone hair products leads to dry hair and scalp, scalp irritation and breakouts, frizz, lack of shine, and general unhealthy-looking hair. 

Shiny hair is the best reflection of a healthy cuticle. When the cuticle is in optimal condition, light reflects off of strands and produces the look of glossy shine. Damaged cuticles have small holes and raised scales that create a rough surface and cause the appearance of dull hair.

Silicone then fills those holes in damaged cuticles like glue, giving a look of artificial shine. This is why the effects of silicone are only temporary, offering the look of artificial shine while suffocating strands, and vanish once the product is rinsed from hair.

These ingredients are also harsh on the environment. Silicone molecules are very stable and appear to take hundreds of years to breakdown, creating pollution and ecosystem disturbances.

Natural oils and butters offer a smoothing quality to hair without the negative effects of synthetic silicone ingredients. Coconut oil is particularly good for hair as it has the unique ability to fully penetrate the hair shaft, reaching the cortex to repair hair damage. Hair looks sleek, strong, and feels luxuriously soft. Try our Gugo Bark Shampoo series formulated with coconut and aloe vera.

Rather than reaching for the silicone hair care, opt for natural ingredients that smooth hair and give brilliant shine, while reversing damage. No toxins or product build up, just healthy, beautiful hair. We recommend Oleic Oil self-heating Repair Mask once a fortnight as an intensive restoring treatment – add the treatment to your next salon service or purchase a 6 month supply here.





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